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Radar’s Yoga Practice


“Hey, mom– whatcha’ doin’?  Let’s play!!!”

…pretty self-explanatory, yeah?  Oh, Radar… 

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  1. And THAT’S why they call that first pose the ‘downward dog!’ It’s so funny to watch you try and do your peaceful yoga while the little guy wags his tails and pounces around you like it’s a game. I think it’s his ‘favorite.’


  2. Ha! That reminds me of when Madeline was little, shed say,”mom, lets do yogi!” Love your pics!

  3. Oh, I can see a little Madeline saying “yogi” how cute!

  4. Lill Robinson (aka Miz Ro) says:

    I love the “yogi” comment, too, and, of course, I love Radar, the Yoga Dog! He needs his own little do-ga mat!

  5. ha, yes Lill! A do-ga mat would do just the trick!

  6. Love the pictures of you and Radar. And of course I love you and Radar. You are both so darn cute!
    I can totally relate to trying to exercise with a pet around. It is always an invitation for them to get involved and in your face. I love doggies…


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